Jared Byer, HFI – Owner/Director

Jared has devoted his career to the Health & Fitness industry since 1992, having instructed thousands of clients from professional athletes to everyday individuals looking to enhance their quality of life.  The “Made 2 Move Fitness” studio in Williamsville is the culmination of his years of experience and hard work to offer the direction and motivation needed to improve overall health.  His award-winning programs have helped establish him as a local Health & Wellness professional.

Certifications: NASM, ACSM, NETA, ISSA, Pilates, Group Training

Services: Health Coaching, Group & Private Training, Corporate Wellness Programs, Health & Wellness Speaker

Email: jared.byer@made2movefitness.com | Phone: 716.204.8451

Jill BronskyJill Bronsky, MS – Senior Fitness Instructor

Jill is the owner and instructor of Forward Fitness Inc., and has over 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Jill holds a Master of Science Degree from Canisius College in Physical Education, is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Senior Fitness Instructor, and is certified in CPR and First Aid. Jill has been instructing group fitness classes at local independent and assisted living centers and at a variety of community facilities throughout the area. Jill also provides personal training to help older adults improve their fitness and stay independent. Her expertise and experience is put to use as she offers training programs to organizations on how to instruct their own exercise classes. She is also a trained LEKI Nordic walking instructor and has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in technique instruction and has appeared on local and national media promoting the benefits of Nordic walking. Jill has also enjoyed opportunities to write articles and speak to other professionals and older adults about the importance of remaining active.

Email: jillbronsky@aol.com | Web: http://forwardfitnessinc.com/

Jim White, CPT – Strength Essentials

Jim is a certified personal trainer with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). He helps busy professionals build a body to be proud of, saving time and energy by focusing on strength essentials. Jim’s core training model is small group sessions that provide motivation and deliver results. From his own experience with sports, fitness and over 15 years in the gym, he knows the benefits of strength training go beyond just the physical. The mind is also strengthened, energy levels improve, confidence soars and our whole being is transformed into something greater. Beyond training indoors, Jim also believes in the importance of outdoor workouts, running
hills, body-weight movements and odd object training. Last but not least, there’s no strength without nutrition and eating right for your body. Jim’s programs deliver superior results with the combination of strength training, proper nutrition and smart programming.

Web: strengthessentials716.com  |  Email: strengthessentials716@gmail.com  | Phone: 716-479-4469

Dr. Aubrey Bottoms – Power Yoga

Dr. Bottoms is a neuropsychologist by day, yoga/running enthusiast, wife, and mom, by night. Although she will tell you that she was never a competitive athlete throughout high school or college, she found her “stride” in yoga. In 2008 she had decided to start running to try and lose some weight and eventually talked herself into yoga, figuring it would be a complement to her constant pounding of the pavement. What she found, however, was so much more than just another workout. Yoga fostered her belief in herself and gave her the confidence to pursue triathlons. With yoga as a supplement to triathlon training, she pushed to a new level and unlocked a competitive athlete that she never imagined or believed she could be. To date she has completed two Ironmans (yes, 2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, 26.2 mi run), numerous half-ironmans, two Boston marathons, and a handful of other marathons. She has had two babies in the last two years and while her formalized athletic training has taken a backseat to motherhood, she continues to wake at 4am daily to ensure she exercises her mind and body before caring for her babies’ needs and heading to work. Her yoga training comes from both Yoga Fit and the Baptiste Institute and her classes follow a Baptiste style of power yoga. However, do not let the word “power” intimidate you. This yoga is modifiable and accessible to individuals of all shapes and sizes.

Class Link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass  | Email: yoga@dentinstitute.com | Phone: 250-2000 x-3101

Jeremy Mcadory – MACFitness

Jeremy is a NASM certified personal trainer, who’s main focus is fat loss and muscle building. Jeremy is great at coaching you throughout the process and ensuring that you never hit a plateau with your progress.  With 10 yrs of hands on experience and holding a position as the Personal Training Director at an L.A Fitness in Buffalo NY, Jeremy has the knowledge to train those with limitations, health issues and also athletes.

Web:  macfitness.business.site/  | Email: jeremy.mcadory@gmail.com | Phone: 410-841-4424

Elijah Green – Certified strength and conditioning Coach

Elijah’s  daily mission is to coach each of his clients to build their inner confidence and change the way they think. He believes that once you control your mind and thoughts, your body is capable of accomplishing anything.  Specializing in endurance conditioning, fat loss training, stress management, insanity Group training, HIIT – high intensity interval training and strength training.

 Email: Elijahg1991@gmail.com  | Phone: 716-346-9233

Sally Gower – Wellness Coach

Sally started her healthcare career and wellness quest in the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980’s. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Buffalo, as well as her MBA in Marketing also from SUNY at Buffalo. She is a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as being certified in Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell. She currently is owner of Eat Well Buffalo where she believes and teaches that you can both prevent and reverse disease through lifestyle and diet. Sally is proud of her background that consists of both a traditional science focused tract, as well as an alternative mind body wellness approach.

Eat Well Buffalo | (716) 909-7805 | sally@eatwellbuffalo.com  |  eatwellbuffalo.com

Michael Serio – Alexander Technique – Musician Wellness Coach

The Alexander Technique is a mindfulness practice developed over 100 years ago that is taught in major performing arts centers and conservatories around the world. In addition to helping performing artists, it has been shown to prevent chronic back and joint pain, improve breathing and posture, and teach you how to perform any activity with less tension and more ease. Michael Serio is a certified Alexander Technique teacher and has been practicing the Alexander Technique for over 15 years. He did an internship at the Boston Conservatory under Debi Adams and received his teaching certification at Tommy Thompson’s school in Cambridge, Mass and is certified through Alexander Technique International.  Michael offers workshops, group classes and private lessons.



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