Jared Byer, CPFTJared Byer, CPFT – Owner/Director

Jared has devoted his career to the Health & Fitness industry since 1992, having instructed thousands of clients from professional athletes to everyday individuals looking to enhance their quality of life.  The “Made 2 Move Fitness” studio in Williamsville is the culmination of his years of experience and hard work to offer the direction and motivation needed to improve overall health.  His award-winning programs have helped establish him as a local Health & Wellness professional.

Services: Group & Private Training, Wellness Seminars

Email: jared.byer@made2movefitness.com | Phone: 716.204.8451 


Shannon HockwaterShannon Hockwater MS: Group & Private Trainer

Shannon is a certified Group Ex/Spin Instructor and Personal Trainer.  She is certified through AAAI/ISMA, AFAA, Mad Dogg and ISCA.  Shannon is a Master Trainer with the ISCA and certifies other instructors across the USA.  She is also a Professor in the Health and Wellness Dept at Buffalo State.  In addition, Shannon teaches dance at Metts Dance and the Royal Academy of Ballet.  Shannon attended Mercyhurst College and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Immunology from Roswell Park Cancer Institute. She has been teaching group ex/spin and training since 2001 and dance since 1999. Shannon has a strong background in dance, kettle bells, kickboxing, pilates, plyometrics, yoga, stretch science, TRX, group fitness and agility coaching.

Email: Fusionfitnessdance@gmail.com


Mel's Mobile FitnessMEL’s MOBILE FITNESS: Melissa Panzarella

As an AFPA certified personal trainer and nutrition and wellness consultant, Melissa’s passion is to help inspire others on their fitness journeys.  She began her fitness career as a women’s running coach and has helped countless women who have never run a step as well as those ready to tackle their first half marathon.  Melissa then expanded her business to “Mel’s Mobile Fitness” and began teaching indoor and outdoor boot camp classes. She became certified in suspension training (TRX) and Tabata Boot Camp.  Mel’s Mobile Fitness provides innovative and dynamic boot camp workouts that offer incredible, life-changing results and lifetime friendships.

Email: melpanz914@yahoo.com  | Website: melsmobilefitness.com  | FB:  www.facebook.com/melsmobilefitness


John Inzeo, CPTJohn Inzeo, CPT – Independent Beachbody Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor

John is an Independent Beachbody Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, P90X Certified Instructor and an Insanity Certified Group Exercise Instructor. He is also an Assistant Coach with Niagara University’s Division 1 Club Hockey Team. John is a retired police sergeant with 20 years of police service. John specializes in training working parents who are new to exercise, are reluctant to train in a gym setting or can’t find the time to exercise. His services include private personal training, small group training, group exercise and nutrition support.

Email: johninzeo@gmail.com  | Websitewww.johninzeo.com


Diane Marra

Diane Marra, MA, CPT –  Personal Trainer, Health Education Instructor & Wellness Coach

Diane is a Corrective Exercise and Bio-mechanics expert with more than 20 years’ experience instructing physical education, movement, aquatics and health.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and numerous fitness certifications including the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Yoga Tune Up®, and TRX™.   Diane’s scientific research, conducted for the US Army Medical Department and California State University, has been presented at international conferences and published in clinical journals.  Since personally overcoming multiple injuries and chronic pain, Diane has a passion for helping ‘regular folks’ who sit too much, manage pain conditions, seek post-injury recovery, and/or simply want to be stronger.

Website: www.affirm-health.com | Email: affirm.health@gmail.com 


John MarkeyJohn Markey – NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

John Markey is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer who brings his clients from the Buffalo area in to train using the Made 2 Move Fitness studio. Also, the owner of Markey Mobile Fitness, John turns his client’s homes into gyms– transporting whatever necessary equipment back and forth. He uses the slogan “Your environment, your workout.” This private, hands-on, 1-on-1 approach works well in conjunction with the philosophy of Made 2 Move Fitness.

Websitefacebook.com/markeymobile  | Emailjmarkey2@me.com     _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Carrie HinelineCarrie Hineline, CPT, CHC – Personal Trainer, Health Coach

Carrie is on a mission to be contagious! She made her passion her career and entered the world of wellness to spread the reward healthy living! As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Carrie creates targeted wellness programs to meet the varied needs of each individual she reaches. Her services range from private personal training and health coaching to small group sessions such as FUNctionallyFIT, barreBELLS, and HIIT-It!

Email: carriehineline@gmail.com   Website: www.CarrieHineline.com


Maura LesterMaura Lester – Children’s Yoga Teacher

Maura is a graduate of Cortland State as a certified Physical Education teacher with a Masters degree in Health from Canisius College.  She is also a certified Children’s Yoga teacher.  Maura is a mother of three and regularly practices Bikram yoga.  She is a firm believer in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and enjoys providing others with the knowledge and opportunity to do so as well.

Emailelephantstrunkkidsyoga@gmail.com | Websitewww.elephantstrunkkidsyoga.com


Deb Mc BWDeb McCrossan, CPT – CoreconceptWNY – Tupler Technique Practitioner

Debbie McCrossan (Core Concept WNY) is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and the only licensed provider of the Tupler Technique in WNY. The Tupler Technique is the only research and evidence-based program proven in treating a diastasis.  If you’ve ever had a baby (recently or even months or years ago) and still look pregnant, are a guy and have a large belly, can’t lose that pouchy belly regardless of planks, situps, crunches, etc., you may have a diastasis. These exercises will never get rid of that belly, in fact, they’ll only make it worse!


Websitewww.coreconceptwny.com | Emaildebbie@coreconceptwny.com | Phone: 716-243-1873


Kevin Costanzo

Kevin Costanzo – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Kevin is a graduate of the University at Buffalo with a degree in Health Sciences & Nutrition and is completing his Master’s degree from Canisius College in Applied Nutrition.  Kevin is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in weight loss and body transformations. He has 7 years of experience working in the supplement industry and has experience working with clients of all different ages and skill levels. Kevin is a firm believer in “you are what you eat” and utilizes the concepts of nutrient timing and of the glycemic index instead of relying on fad diets and calorie counting. With proper nutrition and lifestyle modification he will help you reach your goals!

E-mail: KMCnutrition@gmail.comPhone: 716-597-7559


Dr. Darr

Rachel Darr PhD, RD, CSSD, CDN – Nutrition Specialist (Wellness & Sports)

Dr. Darr is a professor in the Health and Wellness Department at Buffalo State, and has been an instructor and mentor to both undergraduate and graduate students in the field of Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Health for over 8 years.  Some of her locations include University at Buffalo, Canisius College, Cortland State, and Daemen College.  Her research interests include Vitamin D supplementation and Acute Exercise and their effects on the IGF System, which she has shared at the following National Conferences on multiple occasions: American College of Sports Medicine and Experimental Biology.  She is highly involved with Athletes currently at the collegiate level, and in the past at the Olympic Level, as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.  Here she combines the timing of nutrition with exercise performance and has seen success in many of her athletes.  Dr. Darr prides herself on her multiply diverse skill set which includes Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutritional Assessments, Physical Assessments (Body composition measures), Venous Blood Draws, Patient Counseling, HIPPA abiding, Exercise Technique and Education Evaluation, VO2 maximal and submaximal testing, and Food Safety education.  Not only has Dr. Darr extensive knowledge and practice academically, and through research, she has far-reaching clinical involvement as a Registered Dietitian in various local hospitals and diverse settings, that has made her an excellent Nutrition Counselor.  This aptitude connects her with students, patients, athletes, and clients alike, making her a well-rounded Health Education Professional in multiple fields.

Emailrldarr@buffalo.edu  | Phone: 517-256-6721


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