Corporate Wellness Programs:Made 2 Move Fitness

We offer several on and off-site programs to educate and motivate employees toward a healthier lifestyle servicing Buffalo and WNY.  Wellness education begins with providing people with fact-based information to help navigate the health & fitness world.  Our experienced staff will provide the guidance needed to make your team healthier!


Seminars and Workshops:

We offer many workshops from healthy eating, exercise, pain management, ergonomics and many more.  Information is presented via PowerPoint with interactive handouts and on-site demonstrations.  Most businesses offer a lunchtime event to take advantage of down time and we customize the presentation based on the demographics, work habits and health concerns of the employees.

Wellness Center Design:

Looking to start a wellness center or gym on-site for employees to use?  We design functional fitness rooms to empower individuals to exercise on-site.  Our planning team will make the most out of your space and investment.

Wellness Center Programming:

Already have an on-site gym or wellness center that is not being used?  Without the proper guidance and demonstration most do not know where to begin.  Our customized programs offer detailed instruction with illustrations and professional program design to deliver results.

Office Wellness Challenges:

We offer a variety of challenges for your group using SMART goals and lifestyle coaching.  Our program features a 30-day time-frame with an initial seminar, weekly motivation and progress report upon completion.  Designed for small to medium sized offices to promote teamwork and healthy lifestyle change.

Jared Byer, CPFTJared Byer, HFI: has been a Health & Wellness Pro since 1992.  He has worked with youth to senior exercisers, Pro athletes and everyday individuals seeing a healthier lifestyle.  His lectures and seminars have been seen by many in WNY on a diverse series of topics from healthy eating to time crunch fitness.  He leads the corporate wellness team in customizing plans to suit the needs of each client.

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